Retail Ready Transportation In Action: Seamless & Hassle-Free

Craig Barnell of Retailer Fishers Finery Discusses Experience With Averitt Express

Transcript of Testimonial:

"We (Fishers Finery) are a brand that markets an e-commerce website and sells through Amazon.  And we embarked on finding a transportation solutions provider and supply chain management partner and came upon Averitt...and have been doing business with them now for going on five years. And the relationship has been remarkable.

We literally have no paperwork to file, we get copies of all of our manifests, pack lists, billing, all in one PDF.

We work with seven different manufacturers, primarily based in China. Our import coordinator (Averitt associate) handles scheduling and shipping for every facet of the supply chain. 

We notify Averitt when a shipment is ready. From that point, an Averitt office in China reaches out to our manufacturer and schedules pickup for delivery to the container freight station in China. We have not missed a sailing to date. And with Averitt's system, we enjoy smaller ships, sailing twice a week, which has really dropped our time-in-transit, saving us a substantial amount of money in carrying cost of inventory.

From the sailing in China, we are notified when the ship hits Long Beach, CA. From Long Beach, again, since the containers are packed 100% with Averitt's customers, we have had no issues with delays, with lack of filed paperwork or with dirty containers.

Products are loaded intermodal to come through Memphis. At Memphis, our containers are unloaded and then Averitt handles transportation of our products to an Averitt facility which handles our storage, inventory and B2B fulfillment. From that point, our goods are unloaded at our Averitt facility, they perform a quality control inspection for us, count to make sure that our inventories match our bill of ladings, and then rack our products. 30-50 times a month.

Our Averitt facility in Lexington, KY is notified that we have B2B shipments that need to be consolidated and shipped out, and they prepare our documents by logging in through our Amazon Seller Central portal and have become incredibly skilled at preparing the shipments and assigning an LTL carrier or using UPS, depending on the size of the shipment and preparing it for delivery directly into Amazon. The associated relationship has allowed us to minimize our investment in inventory, just because we can move product more quickly and more efficiently from our manufacturers in China all the way into the FBA system at Amazon.

As an e-commerce platform, selling our own brand, we are as many small business owners - resource-driven and with limited resources. 

Every minute that we don't have to spend worrying about logistics, supply chain management, transportation solutions, valuable time that we can spend growing our brand.

It is without question that our relationship with Averitt has allowed us to direct resources to the core areas that have helped grow our business over 200% year over year for two consecutive years."

Seamless Retail Supply Chain: How Averitt Connects The Dots For Fishers Finery

From origin to destination, Fishers Finery utilizes several parts of our Retail Ready Circle, including:

  • Ocean and Air Forwarding
  • Customs Clearance
  • Intermodal
  • Warehousing
  • Inventory Management and Processing
  • Amazon Distribution Center Delivery 

How Do You Connect The Dots?