Reduce retail chargebacks and missed delivery window fees

Maximize Your Transportation Efficiency To Retail Stores and Distribution Centers

In the hustle and bustle world of retail, many large-scale vendors have instituted stringent delivery guidelines and drop-off date requirements. Failing to meet these demands can result in a variety of consequences for retail suppliers, including chargebacks and other fees. 

At Averitt, we understand the complex nature of Must Arrive By Dates (MABD), and have built a solid reputation as transportation leader in the retail market. To that point, our team of retail experts work with suppliers around the country on a daily basis to ensure that merchandise arrives at distribution centers and store locations on time, on target, intact.

To help you improve your understanding of the MABD and Delivery Window system, we invite you to read our informational series: Avoiding MABD Fines and Chargebacks

How Can Averitt's Retail Ready Services Benefit Your Business?

Working with a carrier that understands the ins-and-outs of Must Arrive By Dates and delivery windows can help you avoid the pitfalls of retail transportation. 

Our dedicated team of retail transportation experts work around-the-clock monitoring your freight to ensure that your merchandise arrives to its destination within the agreed time frames and that all of the necessary paperwork is in order. With decades of experience in working with the world's largest brick-and-mortar retailers, we have also developed internal systems that alerts us to when a problem may arise before it occurs. 

Aside from access to a support staff that is dedicated to working specifically with you to identify and overcome your retail challenges, becoming a Retail Ready shipper gives you:

Online Product Visibility and Control:

  • e-Notifications: Instant shipment updates sent directly via email or text message
  • Quick Tracker: See where multiple shipments are by entering pro numbers on our front page
  • Rate Quotes: Receive a rate quote quickly with accoount-specific LTL rate quotes
  • Pickups: Submit pickup requests and manage Bill of Ladings easily 
  • System Integration: Use Averitt Web Services to integrate XML feeds via WSDL directly to your website and other internal systems to obtain real-time rate quotes, document retrieval, and shipment status updates.

Flexibility and Everything Inbetween

Aside from not having to worry about failing to meet delivery requirements and piling up retail chargebacks, Averitt will go above and beyond to work with you on a customized level. We don't believe that all retail businesses are mere clones of one another. Your challenges are different from your competitors, and we'll work with you to transform them into opportunities.

The retail supply chain requires more than simply picking freight up and delivering it to a vendor. We're helping businesses like yours streamline the process all the way from overseas freight forwarding to inventory processing and warehousing. No matter what part of the chain you need a solution for, we can come up with the answer. 

Experience The Power Of One For Yourself

Don't let your business become bogged down in navigating the intricacies of retail transportation. Instead, divert your resources away from unnecessary fees and stumbling through transportation roadblocks. Focus on growth and excelling above the rest of the retail crowd.

As a master retail shipper, you have The Power of One on your side:

  • One Contact
  • One Invoice
  • Zero Worries