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Master The Ecommerce Supply Chain & Ship Amazon FBA Goods To Fulfillment Centers With Ease!

Find out how ecommerce company and Amazon FBA vendor Fishers Finery doubled its year-over-year growth by streamlining its supply chain practices from overseas origin all the way to stateside inventory processing and technology integration and final delivery to Amazon Fulfillment Centers.



"The Premier Retail Supply Chain Solutions Provider"

For decades, we've helped retail businesses of all sizes master the art of supply chain efficiency. The same goes for ecommerce and omnichannel retailers that sell their products through online vendor distribution services, such as Fulfillment By Amazon (Amazon FBA). 

With our vast network of flow-through and warehousing facilities, thousands of drivers, and teams of operational experts, we provide businesses with the power they need to get their products from overseas origin to final destination without hassle. Better yet, we work closely with you to customize your supply chain and transportation needs so that you have the most efficient processes in place to save money and time.

Additionally, we provide complete visibility and a portfolio of value-added inventory management tools, including XML and EDI data feeds, an in-house Warehouse Management System (WMS) and the ability to integrate your own systems with ours. Our retail specialists are also trained to manage a customer's shipment processing with Amazon FBA via Amazon Vendor Central. 

Import Retail Products For Sale In The United States
Drayage and pick up transportation from ports
Retail warehousing and storage services providers
Inventory processing and management
Distribution, fulfillment and delivery of retail goods to customers and vendors
24/7 support and leading customer service in retail logistics and transportation
"Every minute that we don't have to spend worrying about logistics, supply chain management, transportation solutions, valuable time that we can spend growing our brand."
- Craig Barnell, GM Fishers Finery

One Contact. One Invoice. Zero Worries.

The Power of One.

No matter how many retail supply chain transportation services you utilize us forwhether it's importing from China or Mexico or delivering your products to an Amazon Fulfillment Centeryou can always count on the simplicity of The Power of One.

Everything that you use us for, we simplify the process so that you only have one invoice with an easy-to-read list of services used so that you can easily manage your paperwork.

Here's a graphic example of different sections of the retail supply chain as a whole. Where does yours fit in? Not sure? We'll help you figure it out!

Which part of the retail supply chain does your company need help with?

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